Who am I

selvportraetMy name is Anne Marie Troelsen, I am 57 years old and reside and practice mostly in Aarhus, Denmark. I graduated as an Organic Psychotherapist,  a mixture of body therapy and gestalt therapy (8 profound years of training from Institute For Organic Psychotherapy, Kresten and Inge Ravnkjaer and Tove Hansen).

I have worked during the last 28 years as a privately practicing therapist and workshop leader, teaching more than a hundred workshops in Denmark and internationally, over the years. I am in love with the healing field that can happen in a group!

The main tools I use in my work is body therapy and gestalt therapy with the soul and spirit ascending.  For me Life energy and vibrating currents in the body are palpable and tangible.

Mysticism and shamanism, energy and vibration go hand in hand in me with more traditional  therapy.

I work from a tantric and gestalt/body point of view, which means that I invite and include everything that wants to present itself in the therapy session.

I often perceive it as exiled or lost parts of the person that want to come home again. The unwanted “bad” twisted feelings represent  often  beautiful resources once they are deciphered and welcomed again.                                                                                                                                                   Therapy is not  about “getting rid” of something ,its merely about expanding and moving your edge and your identity to include all of you.

Tantric, in my definition, also means to work with the powerful force of sexual life energy. Not necessarily  in a sexual way, but more as being able to expand ones ability to embody more electric pulsing life waves.                                                                                                                           In other words to live vibrantly with a higher voltage of life energy.                                                   The tools I use range from bioenergetics and tantric exercises to more gestalt awareness and direct body therapy that can be helpful in in the process of  letting go of the the body- armouring.

“Loose your mind and come to your senses”

I have a deep interest in relationships between people. The huge potential in bringing honesty and response-ability to the meeting between us, has always intrigued me.                             Working in groups is a powerful eye opener , which allows the participants to experience how exposing  themselves actually means being received and receiving without judgement. Something most people long for on a deep level.                                                                             Thats why I am in love with the healing field that can happen in the co-creation of a group!

On a daily basis I work with both individual and couple therapeutic sessions, as well as therapy, with a focus and starting point in the deep contact and meeting.

In addition I have group therapy courses of varying length and content. From short intensive themed courses, which take place during two extended weekends, to a two year program with the possibility for doing really deep diving personal work.  Lately I have started to offer exclusive development week for a couple ( in exotic settings,away from daily life), Where I spend one week with them, working intensely on themselves and the relationship.                               Feel free to contact me for more information regarding this.

Besides my  training in Organic Psychotherapy, I have a certification as an Imago Relationship Therapist (Harville Hendrix) , and have attended a two year teacher training in Skydancing Tantra (Margot Anand) . I am trained in Bioenergetics ( Alexander Lowen) , have followed training in: Organismic Psychotherapy (Malcolm Brown) , Core  Energetics (John Pierrakos), Process Work Institute (Arnold Mindell), Formative Psychology (Stanley Keleman) Stefano Sabetti, Richard Moss , and Shamanic Studies ( Jonathan Horwitz)

I can be contacted on (+45) 2728 7662 or woman@post6.tele.dk if you want to book an appointment, or if you want to know more about my workshops or couples therapy weeks.

You are welcome to sign up for my newsletter if you want to be notified about new workshops  (1-2 times a year)