Moving the Edge

Moving the edge

I have, in my whole life, been very interested in the vast possibilities accessible in the field of relating and relations.

Somehow I knew that there is a reservoir of energy and creativity available in a group of people connecting honestly to each other (two people is also a group).

I was in my own youth in pain myself feeling disconnected and lost 

This has truly been a gift and brought me on a lifelong journey searching for, finding…… and in the end inviting others: To that moment of truth and nakedness where we meet authentically!

The moment where your essence meets my essence, without masks or pretending to be more or less than what’s in the present moment. A moment of energy and radical honesty

A moment of contact….we touch each other

Magic in the middle – there is a third” something,”.  a spark igniting…. it can be invited, in the alchemy of us being, beings together.

Why be a participant in a group?

Because the time and culture we live in focus that much on the individual as a creator of own life and so little on the need inherent in us of being a valuable part of a bigger connection or community.

A lot of people in the west feel cut off from the bigger picture. We might have lost access to the part of us that simply knows that we belong together, are created out of the same substance.

A lot of us are unconsciously caught in the collective nightmare of narcissism and the constant need for attention, recognition and reflection from others.

That makes us fight and go into competition and fear-based behavior, just to get the feeling that we have our space and a mirror that reflects us, so we can feel we exist in life and have importance to others.

This of course is a distorted way of trying to obtain what we truly need: A survival mechanism that might give us a hint of what we need, but which in the long run undermines our belonging and ease in being with others.

We become scared of losing, and tend to exert control over ourselves and others to avoid that fear.

It makes us lonely and disconnected. And it gives us a feeling that there’s energy loss or “costs” in being with others rather than a win-win energy..

There are huge expenses, taken from your life energy, in investing in your image. Energy that could be freed to being in the present rather than being spent on the contraction it inevitably gives to try to control what you’re showing or not showing of yourself to others.

So what are the benefits of being authentically in a group?

Maybe it’s scary at first glance.. to let go…and then a great relief ! “You do not have to be good …you ONLY have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves” as poet Mary Oliver so beautifully  puts it in her poem The Wild Geese.

That has inspired me to invite over and over again to workshops …groups where human beings dare to meet …and heal!

Heal because the wounds and held-back life energy you carry from your story has occurred in a relationship and must be healed again in a relationship.

Thats the primary task of all therapy.

A group is a powerful healer. Exposing your vulnerabilities and hidden or forgotten parts of yourself, is like reuniting with yourself again… the lost son returns and great celebration and joy will happen.

That why I work mainly in groups, inviting people to meet the stranger, and take the chance to show and experience the whole story…especially the parts we try to hide, to ourselves and others.

What can you expect to experience in the workshop?

  • Expect to meet all participants, either in different exercises, or just be witness to theirs and your true and honest being. Each and everyone has something valuable to contribute to the group field, and to you! Even if you might think that you’re different!
  • Expect to meet people you know, maybe your partner? Friends? or yourself? in a new and refreshing light!
  • Expect to be moved and move yourself and your edge (what you identify yourself with, meaning the tale you tell yourself and others about yourself).
  • Expect intense moments and then a dance of relief and lightness
  • Expect to recognize yourself in the other, in moments where you least expect it, and the feeling of the group as a co-creator.
  • Expect gestalt therapy , body therapy, bioenergetic exercises , shifts between working in the whole group, sharing, and working in small groups, pairs, or alone.
  • Expect powerful energy exercises, working from the breath and a mixture of body charging and tantric exercises to train and invite your whole energy system to be able to upgrade and contain higher “voltage” of life energy – charge.
  • Expect dance and laughter, celebration and fun…as well as shaking vulnerability, powerful life streaming and feelings…and memories long buried being called forth and welcomed. Its all a part of you.

What heals one

heals us all

letting go… letting go….letting…….go……