Let’s Talk About Love


“There ain’t no cure for love” – Leonard Cohen


Its essential to us human beings to belong ..have a deep impact on each other…deep relation

However when it comes to being partners in intimate relationships, love often does not have the ability to flow freely through us. Often we yearn so much to love and be loved that we, in our very yearning, often suffocates the  love ,giving it too little space and movement. Our dream doesnt come true …and we might leave…searching longing for the next dream

What happened ? Fear came in…love went out!

Love is a natural force – not a feeling, but a force. Our very essence craves love to be fully manifested in our lives. If we lack love, we long for it deeply, if not consciously then unconsciously.

Many people suffer either because they long to be in a deep love relationship, but dont have it .

Or, if they are in a relationship, they might not  be able to give their love the best conditions to flow freely.

It  could seem that our relationship to love and our ideas around relationship easily get caught in old, outdated paradigms that stifle rather than fertilize love’s flow.

what do you long for in a love relation?

What are your ideas and experiences of love relationships? I would like to explore this question with you in this “Moving The Edge” workshop.

I invite you to take a close look at your own love script. Which conditions do you provide for love to grow and unfold like a beautiful flower?

Better conditions  might mean to let go of control and instead bringing authenticity and vulnerability into the relation.

A vulnerability and openness that might invite eros and life energy to join us. Authenticity is sexy and attractive.

Are you willing to actively  take responsibility for your own healing, letting go of putting it” out there” in a drama with your beloved?

Daring to live freely out of your true self, and not your wounds. Learning to chose to to relate like the adult that you are…. not the child that you were.

Sounds liberating? Or scary?
I believe that we anyway already  are in the midst of a transformation of love relationships. From “security” based to developmental based.

Imagine if we could be each other’s best sparring partner?


This workshop is taught in conjunction and  follow up  to “Deep contact … the salt of Love”

I invite you to read my article about “moving the edge” to get a perspective on the way I work before signing up.

All are welcome,we will all work together in the group in different exercises. For couples there will be possibilities to work together in intimate exercises if preferred, but one of my main tools is the safe group energy that comes out of sharing and meeting the whole group as a community. Feel free to  contact me if you have any questions.


IMG_1324For information about the next workshop date and location, or to get further information, please contact me at woman@post6.tele.dk

In USA please contact Susan Preucil for practical information (see information Deep contact…the salt of love)