Deep Contact …. the Salt of Love


Move to the edge of the reality you’ve known. Connect deeply with yourself, in order to expand your ability to connect with others. You are invited to participate in an extended weekend workshop with the focus on contact and relation .


Contact your core self, your own truth and authenticity , and bring it forward in the meeting with the other.

This might sound easy,but we often hide parts of ourselves from our own awareness and thus cannot bring our whole self into relationships. Fear of abandonment makes us afraid to see and own our vulnerable parts. We tend to think those parts makes us unlovable.

The truth is ,those parts are the characters in the archetypal story of the prodigal son. When “the son comes home” ,our abandoned parts, the celebration is experienced as a liberation of life energy. we learn how to truly relate…. authentically.



”Contactus” means to “affect emotionally, move/touch” ( It is something we all long for, but mysteriously, in our modern world, all too easily manage to avoid.

In this workshop we will explore deeply the significance of contact, and experience the profound life-affirming effect of being touched and moved.


Take of your mask and share yourself fully with all your beauty ….wounds…”flaws” ! Chances are you will feel the freedom of authenticity.

A magic moment …of truth and honest presence… is a moment loaded with possibilities for truly meeting each other in a profound and sometimes  even ecstatic way.

In meeting another in this way, magic occurs. Big breakthroughs happen during the process of disarmament, as defensive boundaries are shed to reveal inner truth. We do not “take care of” ourselves (or another) by holding back from displaying our innermost and most precious feelings. Only by bringing things into circulation, letting the energy move, the emotions flow, the dance is danced through us. Only then do we fully live.

So…do you want to go to your edge and surrender to what may reveal itself in the encounter with the other and yourself?

Do you want to feel your body charged with life energy , and laughter just around the corner?

Then I invite you and look forward to meeting with you!

The paths we will walk  is a mixture of Gestalt therapy, body therapy, bioenergetics,tantric energy exercises (fully clothed), dance and other “strange, weird” and interesting energy exercises . All feelings and movements are welcome.

This workshop is the first in a series  of two ,the next one” Lets talk about love” is a weekend workshop  immediately after the first one ! Especially designed to deepen , and move into the field of relationship, either you are a part of a relationship, or long for it.

The idea is : open up to deeper contact with yourself and others,opening the body and enhancing the life energy flow, in “Contact..the salt of Love”…and then being more ready to delve into the field of relationship and love in “Lets talk about Love” while the “scent” is still there and the body is open !



IMG_1324For information about the next workshop date and location, or to get further information, please contact me at

for USA please contact Susan Preucil +1(208)720-1745 for further practical information about dates

Please read the the article “Moving The Edge” where I explain my focus on groups, and what benefits there are being in a therapy group.